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Feature Request: Dark Mode and other GUI stuff

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I think I should probably take a break from all these suggestions. Asperger's, you know how it is.

Anyways, one more thing which I feel Malwarebytes would benefit from is an option to use a Dark Mode GUI, perhaps even integrate it with Windows 10's Dark Mode setting, and/or perhaps even the current Color settings.


Another thing that would be a neat GUI feature, even if it's just a codec for the Windows Imaging Component, is displaying an Identicon thumbnail generated from the hash of a file if said file is of an unknown type, or otherwise does not possess a thumbnail. Not only is it pretty, but also functional, and you could even see these same identicons for scan reports in the GUI itself. For those unfamiliar with Identicons, see here for more information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Identicon

I'm sure that if the Malwarebytes team ever does decide to use Identicons for anything, they can find other creative uses for them.

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I don't use any social networking platforms like Twitter etc. so no, I'm not familiar with them unfortunately, but you mentioned it's easier on the eyes so I'm guessing it likely is like the high contrast mode I mentioned (a feature that's been available in Windows since at least the 9.x days as I recall), so if it is like that then I do understand what you are referring to, but a screenshot would certainly help.


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