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Adding protection to Instant Messengers

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I'm not sure how viable it would be with programs like Telegram, but adding an Instant Messenger category to the Application Protections and enabling protection by default for programs like Discord, Telegram (again, if it's possible), and especially Skype would be extremely welcome. This is especially true because of how easy it is to get viruses through the peer-to-peer file sharing that services like Skype and Telegram provide, not to mention Skype's built-in advertisements which are extremely susceptible to being Malware-infected.

I don't know if it would also be possible to do automatic adblocking for Skype, but if it were, then that would eliminate the for the existing workarounds which need to be implemented manually by the user, are not as applicable to newer versions, and have negative side effects like disabling the home page.

As always, questions or feedback about this idea would be appreciated..

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For now, the Web Protection component will block malicious connections through Skype, which means if there is a malicious ad that tries to load within the messenger, that Malwarebytes should block it.  This is because the Web Protection component in Malwarebytes ties directly into the network stack, not in the browser layer so that the entire system and every process running on it is shielded from malicious connections.

Also, with regards to malicious files, anything downloaded through Skype that tries to run would be checked just like any file downloaded through a normal web browser or email client, so the Malware Protection and other threat detection features would still be fully functional for detecting threats coming through Skype this way.

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