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Random unknown malware causing overheating?


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I have a Razer Blade 14, 2016 edition, and lately my laptop is overheating, even in idle. I hear the fans jump up while doing absolutely nothing, and getting into some of my games, framerates are significantly worse than they used to be. I've run malwarebytes antimalware, adwcleaner, tdsskiller, spybot s&d, and nothing shows up anymore (one or two of the apps found some pups, but nothing serious). Short of reinstalling Windows, I am at my wits end, and have no other idea of what to try next. I'm not even sure I can or should reinstall windows as I don't have separate reinstall media, and creating some now may be compromised on this PC.

Any help would be appreciated, as this is my ONLY computer, save for a Chromebook which I'm going to have to start using more now (overheats when I run Chrome or Firefox - haven't tested Edge yet) if this problem can't be alleviated.

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I'm going to have to ask to lock this question..

I read the rules about how to post, saw that I needed a logs file and reran malwarebytes, after a reboot. Prevoiusly - nothing showed up, now 8 issues popped up - bitcoin miners and a guard.lnk file which is supposed to be associated with AVG, which I've never had. I cleaned it using malwarebytes, and I've since run a few more scans using my AV, etc, so my PC appears clean. If the problems return and I can't find them again, I'll return here agian.

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