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Advanced Settings in MBAE for bottom-up ASLR for Google Chrome?

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Windows 7 users will appreciate the ability of MBAE to enable bottom-up ASLR which, I understand, increases the entropy of ASLR in Windows 7.  Windows 8 and later seem to offer greater ASLR entropy than Windows 7.  I am therefore wondering if the new protections for Google Chrome introduced in MBAE and automatically take care of this Windows 7 issue and enable bottom-up ASLR for chrome.exe.  Does the enforcement of this particular mitigation using MBAE require a dll injection into chrome.exe?  If not then why cannot the MBAE user configure MBAE to do this?

For all I know, Google Chrome might itself enforce bottom-up ASLR but doubt it because MBAE previously provided for it in Advanced Settings.

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Further to this, MBAE no longer lists Chrome.exe in the shield list, even though the change log states protections for chrome are included, and notification tooltips do not display when starting the Chrome browser. I actually prefer having the tooltip popup just for that extra re-assurance that all is well.

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I have no doubt that the MBAE team will make things much clearer in due course. I imagine that all their resources are devoted to providing their users with as effective protection for Google Chrome as the previous methods still in use for other browsers provide. The ingenuity of these people must be considerable. Who knows that the new protections might be even better.

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