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Feature Request: Manually quarantine file or folder

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Having an option to manually quarantine a file or folder that seems suspicious to the user but hasn't been detected by MalwareBytes feels like it would be an extremely helpful feature for people who regularly work with sensitive data. In addition, it could have other uses too for power users, such as making stubborn folders on deleted user profiles finally go away.

If anyone else has thoughts on this suggestion, please share them!

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Thanks for the suggestion.  Malwarebytes used to include this kind of capability in the 1.x version of the software but it was removed for 2.x and later versions.  I will request that they add this feature back, however I do not know if they will decide to do so or not.

Please let us know if you have any further ideas or feedback.


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Yes Please!

I have no idea why that is not included as a feature. How hard can it be? Just a few lines of code?

I have just found a very suspicious file, that completely refuses to be Shift Deleted

The reasons it refuses to delete, is that it says it is in use by Bullguard even though Bullguard refuses to even scan it

Very suspicious. Not the first time it has happened

Would be so grateful if you could address this. I have no idea why you removed this functionality.

Such an obvious necessity.

No database is ever fully up to date, so why wouldn't you have a simple option, to quarantine and delete suspicious files?

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