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File Handles returned NULL value

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I have an 800meg avi video file that FileAssassin says can't be removed because of NULL value file handles.  And that I should contact the support team.  The file is unreadable because the actual file size is only 4khz.   I would just forget about deleting it if it were not for my file backup system continually advising me that it can't be backed up.  I didn't think that trying to drag/drop the file here wouldn't work - and it doesn't. ( I get the same "unreadable"  notice here.)  There must be something I can do short of wiping the drive. Can anyone here help me?  Thanks. 

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Hello @montel2 and :welcome:

Very sorry for the delay but it is more than likely due to disk corruption. Running a full disk check and repair should correct it so that you can delete it.

Please click on Start and type in CMD.EXE and when it shows on the Start menu, right click and select "Run as administrator" and type in the following.



The system will prompt you that it cannot run. Press the Y key to allow it to run after a restart. Then restart the computer and let the disk check run.

Then see if you can delete the file.

Thank you



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Thanks Ron,

Thanks for your help which has cleared my problem.  I followed your instructions except for the drive that you indicated.  My trouble file was on an auxiliary drive identified as drive F.  Also because  this drive  does not control my computer’s operation,  I didn’t need to perform a reboot.  (just a drive F dismount).  A benefit of no reboot-drive-C-check was that I could continue using the computer for the long time it took to check the drive.

Thanks again.



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Glad we could help.

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