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Default Scan not activated for Free Version

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I recently noticed that with the latest update of Malwarebytes for Mac(Version 3.5.27) the default monthly scan is no longer active as it was intended to be for free users.
I saw it first happen on my MacBook and when i upgraded Malwarebytes on my iMac i was able to confirm that the 'Default Scan' in the "Scheduled Scans" is not activated by default...

I assume this is this either intended behavior or a glitch with the latest update that need a quick patch, as it happened on two of my mac devices... but i do believe that the free users of Malwarebytes are allowed to use a free monthly scheduled scan by default with only the option to change the day/time, according to the user guide.
Is this no longer the case?

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 5.21.36 AM.png

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I actually had this question too. I love this app and do have the free edition. Just putting my 2cents in to have this option added as part of the free edition. When I was looking at the latest manual, it's a bit unclear that this option no longer works. I've added a screenshot below for reference.

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 10.49.58 AM.png

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15 hours ago, adas said:

Hi @brcd,


Please refer to article why scans are fast on Mac > https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1293

I was initially worried about the quick scan and the low number of files scanned compared to avast which would take 45 minutes to over an hour and scan files numbering in the high 900K compared to MB which scans roughly 12000 files.  I stopped worrying.  I still do not fully understand MB only looking at files where some malware should be and ignoring all the other files but I reckon MB knows best. 

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16 minutes ago, brcd said:

I still do not fully understand MB only looking at files where some malware should be and ignoring all the other files

 I would only comment that I believe Malwarebytes strives to scan all known and currently active malware rather than just some. This does risk the same malware file being moved to a new location or a previously abandoned malware be reactivated, resulting in a new variant, but those occurrences are extremely rare and generally considered not worth expending the additional time and computing resources required to scan files that might possibly be or have never been associated with malware.

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