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Malwarebytes to Linux

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Hello Team Malwarebytes

Will Malwarebytes now compromise with the development of this program with the new WINDOWS & LINUX version? Will Linux users benefit from this double and will have a "unique" version, since Microsoft has made official the possibility of running Linux distributions in Windows 10?

Thank you for your feedback.


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I do know that Malwarebytes has worked on a build that functions in Linux in the past, however I do not know the extent of what they accomplished beyond getting a command line version of the scan engine to run under Linux (for possible bootable versions and compliance with VirusTotal etc.), however it has been requested on multiple occasions so it's always possible that they might consider actually releasing a version for Linux in the future, particularly since they now have one for MacOS as well as Android and iOS.  I assume they'd just need one or more Developers and Researchers to work on it to build out Linux detection capabilities for Linux based threats.

If you have any further ideas or requests please let us know.


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The open-source .NET Core Runtimes recently got a companion. I forgot the exact name, but it's something along the lines of "Windows Compatibility Pack". To give you the short version, it's now a lot easier to port Windows software to other operating systems, though obviously it still isn't perfect.

I think it might actually be possible to get MalwareBytes running on Linux in the not-too-distant future. If I worked at MalwareBytes and had some coding experience, I'd get right on it.

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Hello Malwarebytes Team

Are there any predictions from the Malwarebytes Developer Team to release a free or paid version of Malwarebytes for Linux?

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