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.pptx file extension ransomware

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Recently been attacked, all my files have now changed to ,pptx type, no matter what type of file is on my system audio video exe all are changed to powerpoint file type

i have tried almost every tool for decryption but no use, also identification methods online cant identify it as well

i need help cuz all my data is very important to me and cant access it

any news for the same attack or any progress in decrypting it will a help 

hope this gets over soon

here is the message present in every folder in a text document:

Your files are Encrypted!
For data recovery needs decryptor.
How to buy decryptor:

1. Download "Tor Browser" from https://www.torproject.org/ and install it.

2. Open this link In the "Tor Browser"


Note! This link is available via "Tor Browser" only.

Free decryption as guarantee.
Before paying you can send us 2 file for free decryption.
You unique ID
so n so ( a very long id)

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Sadly as stated by IDR it seems that this Ransomware cannot be decrypted for free at this time. Your best bet is to restore your files from a recent backup if you have one. If not, you should backup your encrypted files somewhere safe, in case a free decryption solution gets released in the future.

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Alright. For everyone following this thread, I suggest that you follow the thread about this Ransomware on BleepingComputer, as it'll be updated if any new information are found about the malware, or if a decrypter gets released.


Thank you.

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