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Ransom.OSX.Findzip Ransomware

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Malware bytes picks it up as it scans it but doesn't give me the option to remove it. I see the process wQqxiSfg running in the activity monitor and always uses 99% of my CPU, I have a feeling i'm being cryptojacked. I did some googling on "Ransom.OSX.Findzip" and I found that it was linked to torrenting/piracy, but I only found people talking about a text file opening demanding ransom payment for files in bitcoin, nothing about the process that keeps opening and using my CPU. Regardless, why Isn't malwarebytes allowing me to remove it when it picks it up? And what can I do about this? 

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When you run a scan, detect threats and authorize their removal, they are moved to a special Malwarebytes folder called Quarantine. Threats which have been moved into Quarantine cannot harm your computer. They are neutralized as part of the Quarantine process, and can be processed further at any time. When real-time protection detects a threat, that threat is also moved to the Quarantine folder. If you want to inspect the contents of the Quarantine folder, click Show Quarantine on the Quarantine screen. That will open a new system window showing the contents of the Quarantine folder. That system window is only there for your inspection. If you wish to delete the contents of the Quarantine folder, you should click Clear Quarantine in the MalwarebytesQuarantine screen. You will be presented with a confirmation window before the deletion takes place. Sometimes your computer must be restarted to complete remediation of threats that were detected. Restarts necessitated by real-time protection detections will show a notification. If a restart is required to complete remediation of threats detected during a scan, the a different notification is shown instead. When a restart is required, please remember to save all work before clicking Restart.

At what point does Malwarebytes not give you the option to remove it? If you get an error message, exactly what does it say? If possible provide a screen shot.

Findzip hasn't been seen very often for awhile now, so this may be something relatively new. What is the name of the file(s) moved to Quarantine? Don't clear it until we know if it's something new.

The only reference I could find to wQqxiSfg was this question last month, but was never resolved 


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