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Toolbars lost


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Can you explain a little more? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling? What browser?

I am running IE 8, with Yahoo as my default, and have not tried uninstalling and reinstalling the toolbar, but have had this problem since before i installed IE8.

I use F11 key, but it only works for awhile. I have a Vista Home Premium 32 bit system. I read somewhere online that Google can take over other installed toolbars and there is a way to prevent this from happening.

I also get half a page when i change from one window to the next. I have to always click on the icon at the top to enlarge fully. Thank you.

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Try uninstalling and reinstalling and post back :P

I had no luck in reinstalling the toolbar, but see that it is not now showing on my current running programs, but Google is there and running okay. I can bring the Yahoo and AVG toolbars back into play, but lose them as soon as i browse. I think that i saw somewhere on the forum where there was the same issue and one of the members produced an explanation and correction to the problem, which was due to Google, basically over riding other toolbars?

When i use Google, i get the AVG scan beside the search, telling me if the website is okay to browse, but when i search with Yahoo or AVG, i don't get this feature. Shouldn't the Yahoo toolbar be shown in current running or startup programs? Should i have it on my desktop? I really am unknowledgeable when it comes to anything outside my comfort zone.


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