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Infected by Drivermax

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I stupidly downloaded this driver update program.  And now.... I cannot get rid of it.

I uninstalled it three different ways... it stayed.

I tried to change permissions and delete the program folder.... no go.

I used Wise to try and 'shred' the folder.  No go.

MBAM does not detect it as malware... but it should I think.  It's very persistent.

This is their website:   https://www.drivermax.com/

I was referred there by what I believed to be legit sources.

Any assistance appreciated.


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I keep going into the 'Properties' and giving myself rights.... and toggling off "Read Only" -- but somehow they have it so that it won't change.  It seems like it changes... but then it does not allow me to delete... and going back into 'Properties' -- it reverted back.



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Ok, I think I got it.  Even though I shut down the program, I could not 'shred' it with Wise shredder as it as always "being used. (see image)

But I searched out all the running processes, shut them down, and quickly used the Wise Shredder (the process seemed to turn itself back on, so I had to do it quickly).

I **think** I'm good to go.

DriverMax Bitches III.JPG

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  • Root Admin

Hello @Frank_ sorry we missed your post. With several replies it looked like you were already being assisted.

In the future if you need help and no one has replied within a couple of days please send someone on the Admin team a private message.

I'll go ahead and close this topic now.

Thank you



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