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Privacy Data Collection


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Does Malwarebytes collect my

1.web browsing history,

2. my ip address


when I use real time protection and scan on Windows?

Your privacy policy , when you read it carefully --sais it "does".  Bad.

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I don't know if the software itself collects this information, but I believe that privacy policy applies to the websites (including these forums and the Malwarebytes.com site) which may be why it mentions that info being collected.  As far as I know the only browsing data ever collected is when you have the telemetry function enabled and a malicious website is blocked by the Web Protection component, in which case it does send in that data that the site was blocked, but it doesn't collect any other browsing history when it does so.

There is also an option which you may disable if you prefer data not be collected through the software located under Settings>Application if you scroll to the bottom; it's located beneath where it says Usage and Threat Statistics and if you set that option to Off then it should prevent telemetry/data collection by the software.

I also know that Malwarebytes updated their software recently to be fully GDPR compliant and that they are also in compliance with California data collection/sharing policies (due to the fact that their main office is located in CA) which as far as I know is the strictest of all states with regards to such policies.

Finally, if you have further questions or concerns regarding Malwarebytes' privacy policy and data collection practices you may contact privacy@malwarebytes.com and they can clarify any further details and answer any additional questions you might have.

I hope that helps to clarify things a bit more.

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You're welcome, I'll pass on your comments about the vagueness of the policy, however I know they aren't collecting that stuff through the software, especially if that setting I mentioned is disabled (that would be a huge GDPR violation, and as I mentioned, they are in full GDPR compliance).

Regarding the email, I will notify them of that as well, however in the meantime please check your spam/junk folder(s) just in case it accidentally got placed their by your spam filter.

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