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Clickbait Protection Update


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In the recent months we have got numerous queries, questions and concerns over our Clickbait protection module in the "Malwarebytes Browser Extension (Beta)" product, mostly around blocking being politically biased. 

As stated in the Chrome and Firefox store listing: "Clickbait protection: Blocks content and websites that often display behavior of questionable value."  This still holds true and we will continue to protect our users from online Clickbait content. 

Having said that, we have filtered our Clickbait DB and removed the sites that displayed nature of political bias. We have also added subcategories such as "satire" and "unreliable"  under our Clickbait protection to provide better transparency.

New DB and Clickbait improvements have started rolling out and we will continue to improve this feature based on your valuable feedback.




If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out directly to me or use the forum.

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