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Hacker email asking money and strange behaviour of windows after that

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I received a email in my yahoo spamm folder with my username and one of my passwords.

I read that email and in that email it says that i entered a site and he installed a keylogger to access all my passwords, he take some screenshoots of my desktop.

I instaled a fresh windows 10 after that with nod 32 antivirus, and in every day at some point the programs that i'm using closes but they work in background (i watched that in task manager), my desktop icons dissapear, my taskbar dissapear and the desktop background turns black.

When my desktop background turns black all i see is the pointer of my mouse.

I dont know why this happens with a fresh windows 10 installed.

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This is purely a scam and they send those emails out en masse hoping one or two bite at the bait.  

Just delete the email and then change your email password to a new Strong Password just to make sure.

Additionally, you can enter your email address(es) in the following site and it will check to see if that email address was part of a known breach.


Please reference:
MyOnlinesecurity - attempted-blackmail-scam-watching-porn
BleepingComputers - Beware of Extortion Scams Stating They Have Video of You on Adult Sites
Malwarebytes' Blog - Sextortion emails: They’re probably not watching you
Malwarebytes sample thread - Got strange threating email.


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You acted in fear and you stated "I instaled a fresh windows 10 after that ...".

You may have made an error in said installation causing an instability in the system's operation.

What you received was purely a scam.  I have personally received two of these emails to-date.  I have read numerous accounts to-date.  I have people email me and call me on the telephone all about receiving some form of variation of the threatening email. 


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