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Machine Learning\Anomolous - CACHE entry

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I received a MachineLearning/Anomalous.100% Malware alert for the file above.

Malwarebytes Labs was very helpful with identifying for me that this is a result of efforts to protect users from zero-day threats by detecting files that do not appear to be legitimate.

However, I need to know how to determine if I have a real threat on my hands, or not. The file listed above does not give me any clue as to its origin or association with a legitimate program. And I use these detections to alert the user community, and to keep them vigilant.

Note: I've scheduled remediation of this file, which I expect to quarantine the file.

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It looks like this was detected in your Firefox cache, where Malwarebytes took care of it. It might have been downloaded when visiting a certain website - that doesn't always mean it executed. If Malwarebytes doesn't detect anything else, you should be OK. 

It can never hurt to delete files from the cache anyway.


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