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Hey there guys

So my 30 days trial finished and I really liked the experience of Malwarebytes Premium, I looked in the site and they say they have a student discount that gives 50% off but it requires a .edu email and my university does not provide that .eduemail. Is there a way to use my university email to get the discount?

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This is great news! I need to renew my Malwarebytes license in about a year, but I'm working on getting enrolled in a work-study at the Interactive College of Technology Greenspoint campus in Houston, Texas, so I may be able to join in on the discounting goodness. Fun fact: ICT themselves are a Malwarebytes customer, and their recently-opened Greenspoint campus will soon have an IT Course.

I actually spoke to the president of ICT while I was touring the campus yesterday, and he believes that there will be ample opportunities for me to help out around there. Finally, I'll be able to put my technomancy cyber-talents to professional use!

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