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Win7 Doesn't recognize my ownership

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I tried saving a .wad to my zandronum folder, only to be met with this. Nobody else uses this computer but me, and there's only one account on here.


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It could be due to User Account Control which is a security feature in modern Windows versions that forces access to limit what processes and users can do without permission in order to increase security by setting the default access for processes and users to that of a standard or limited user account (this helps stop drive-by download malware, for example, from gaining full administrative access to the system without any warning or protection as it was in the days of Windows XP; something UAC has helped greatly against).

First, you need to ensure that UAC is turned on so that you get the appropriate warning when you or a program is attempting to do something which requires administrative permissions.  Once that's done, you will receive a prompt/notification onscreen asking you to approve of such actions, and clicking "Yes", "Allow", or "Continue" will allow the action to proceed.  Clicking "No" or "Cancel" etc. will prevent the action (which is wise if you do not recognize the program requesting permissions).

You can access the settings for User Account Control by clicking on the START button and typing in user account control and pressing Enter.  You'll then be presented with a settings screen.  Adjust the slider to the second setting from the top Default - Notify me only when programs try to make changes to my computer and then click OK and click Yes if prompted by UAC.  Once that's done, restart your system if prompted to do so, then try to do what you were before once more, and this time you should receive prompts allowing you to authorize the actions.

You can find an illustrated guide on configuring User Account Control on this page and you can learn more about UAC, what it is and what it does here as well as here.

I hope this helps.  Please let us know how it goes, and if that doesn't correct the issue please let us know and we'll proceed to troubleshoot the problem further.

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