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Unable to connect to internet after removal

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After thinking I had some malware on my Mac today, I ran Malwarebytes. 27 threats were detected. I removed the quarantines files, which in retrospect I am thinking perhaps I should not have.  After a restart as Malwarebytes suggested, I can no longer connect to the internet. To be clear, my OS' 'Network' settings say that I am connected to my home WiFi, as usual. But I cannot access the internet using a browser or any other application that requires the internet. I can still access my networked storage device.  

Any thoughts on how to fix this? Of course all of this is complicated by the fact I cannot access the internet on the affected computer!



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No you did the right thing by trashing those quarantine files, the problem isn't related to that, although the staff here might have wanted to have known what they were.

The problem is almost certainly caused by the malware having changed your network settings to use a proxy server so that your network access could be monitored. Check System Preferences->Network->Advanced button->Proxies tab to see if anything there has been set. Take good notes on anything you find there before disabling so that you can report your findings back here. Also check the DNS tab to see if anything there has been modified.

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I had a very similar issue to your, which I solved following alvarnell's suggestion.


Try going to System Preferences -> Network -> Advanced -> Proxies. At the bottom, under where it says "bypass proxy settings for these hosts & domains," there was a long list of IP addresses, some of them recognizable (192.168.....) and some of them not. I highlighted and deleted all of them, then hit "okay" and "apply." 

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