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I had to reset my password and your guidelines said it had to be “8 or more characters, Mixture of letters and numbers, Mixture of upper and lowercase, Special characters and Non-dictionary words”.    So I gave it exactly that and it still said my password was "weak" and it wouldn't accept it!   I wasted a lot of time tinkering and looking up the random character strings I used to make sure they weren't in SOME dictionary online, etc (it wasn't),  until I eventually gave it an 11 character password by taking the one it rejected and repeating the last 3 characters at the end.

Please don't waste our time - if you need 11 characters then SAY 11 characters!!!   Don't give us rules that don't work or aren't true!

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I'm sorry for the trouble with the signup page.  I've noted your report of the issue and will submit it to the staff for review and testing to verify that the instructions provided are still accurate for the actual requirements of the signup dialog (though obviously based on your experience it definitely sounds as though that is not the case and the instructions probably need to be revised or the requirements need to be altered to match the instructions).

Thank you for reporting the issue and if there is anything else we might assist you with or any further feedback you might have about the site or the software please don't hesitate to post and let us know.


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