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I have a premium plan purchased on 4th June 2018 which I believe entitles me to activate Malwarebytes on multiple devices. The problem is the license key I received by email will not activate the plan on my Android phone. The original key was split into blocks of 4 numbers/letters but the new key is in blocks of 5.

Now I tried to activate it on my phone but was asked to "check the license key"

which I did and found it was correct. So my question is why can I not activate Malwarebytes on my phone?

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Hi @Joe_Black,

Did you buy a single device license, or a multi device license?  The licensing via our Malwarebytes website is done per device.  Thus, if you bought only a single device license, the Windows version counts as one device.  However, for only $10 more per year you can get licensing for up to 5 devices which includes Android.

Another option for Malwarebytes for Android licensing is by purchasing through Google Play for $11.99 per year.  This option also allows you to have the premium version on multiple Android devices.  As long as you use the same Google account on the device that Malwarebytes for Android was purchased, premium will be activated.

For more licensing questions, you may find our Malwarebytes for Android FAQs helpful.


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Hello Nathan

The license I bought was from Malwarebytes. In fact it was a renewal of my previous subscription. I also have   a subscription to the mobile app which is due to expire on November 1st this year. Are you saying that 1 Windows version may be applied to multiple windows devices but not to Android, and 1 Android version ( purchased separately) may be applied to multiple Android devices? I mistakenly thought the plan was cross platform but clearly I was wrong. By the way, I am in the UK.

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HI @Joe_Black,

One Windows license bought via our website will only work on one device, regardless the device (Windows/Mac/Android).  However, the Android license bought via Google Play will work on multiple Android devices.  You may want to contact support directly as they will have all your licensing information: https://support.malwarebytes.com/community/consumer/pages/contact-us


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