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Management Console Database Port

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Hello TraptPatriot,


There is indeed a method of adjusting the external database port.  When you install Malwarebytes Endpoint Security, the "Server Configuration" utility is also installed along side for managing the Server address and communication ports.  Please see the photo below which details the tool.



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3 hours ago, djacobson said:

Hi @TraptPatriot, MBMC uses port 443 for the admin connection to SQL. Your external SQL is just pointed as fqdn(or IP)\instance, your SQL server should be able to have an alternate port than the Microsoft default if you desire.

Correct, but how do I change it for the Malwarebytes side? We are using a custom port on the SQL server, is it as simple as server,port\instance or something else? Thanks!

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We do not specify a port number for connection to the SQL database.  We use a Microsoft construct called NamedPipes, which allows us to specify an IP (or hostname) associated with SQL Server or SQL Express and the database instance name.  Given the connection methods, that should be all that is needed.

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Just a quick update to let people know that the below syntax works for different database information. I am not sure why the port information is not in the admin guide or could be described easily. I may have the \ incorrect, I don't normally use different instances. It could also be /

systemname,port\instance - test.domain.com,1234\sql2

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