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Malwarebytes GUI is missing "Add to Exclusion List" Feature


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Hello Malwarebytes Team,

I used to use MB Anti-Malware since V1.9 I guess, and

back than, aswell as in V2, was a feature that is missing since V3 which I wish to get included again!


If you use the Web Protection Feature and browse the web, sometimes it occours that you are visiting an IP/Domain which is blocked by Malwarebytes.

Usually, in Windows Envoirements, a Popup Notification appeared which informed you and have had a button to directly add this IP to the whitelist.


Well: I remember that you even could set the time in seconds how long you wish for this Popup.

Nowadays, in V3, you need much of a hassle to quickly add some IP "on the fly" while surfing.


So - i thought your FireFox AddOn maybe brings solution,

but I noticed that your AddOn is not connected with the offline installed Programm and is instead standalone just some FireFox Addon.


So, for the moment some workaround is granting me the workflow needed, but not all the features I payed for with my license:

Add FireFox as Programm to the Malwarebytes Web Protection Exclusion List at the offline Client and just use the Malwarebytes FireFox AddOn to manage Web Protections within it.


To repeat myself again:

Please add this feature ASAP!

And if you want to be great, could you explain me the reason why you removed it when you changed from V2 to V3?






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Unfortunately that feature was removed for a valid reason so I don't believe that it will be returning.  Many users complained because they were accidentally excluding sites by clicking the notification when they had no intention of doing so, thus reducing their protection.  In the meantime, the functionality of being able to right-click on the tray after a block has occurred and being able to exclude the most recently blocked site is still present so you don't have to go through the pain of needing to open the main UI to add the exclusion manually.

I hope this helps make things a bit easier for you.

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