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the truth about Malwarebytes


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Used it since the very beginning when this company was pretty small .. since go got a lifetime pro licence which is cheap yes.

But as this states hxxps://www.die10bestenantivirus.com

the quality went down as fast as the company did grow.

Might be a nice one for making money but it's ***** by now.

Wrong positives all over, clumsy, asking for lots of resources and the worst thing of it all ... if one does detect it was wrong there's no 1-button-revert option.

I fed up ...... it'll get uninstalled and sorry to say I'll spread the word since it followed what McAfee and others went in the past.

Seems to follow the common logic of software which could get improoved in the begging, gets a pearl some day and then becomes poorer version by version.

sad thing but quite common. Since so lifetime licences never pay in the end.


bye and good luck for the ones still hoping that things might get better. from experience it'll not happen, since I can't name a single software where this happened.

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That site has existed for just over one year.

  • WHO are they ?
  • WHAT is the test criteria ?
  • Are they REALLY an authority ?

Before one can act upon any supposed test web site one must weigh the facts and be critical on the information they purport.  For all we know it is a shill site setup to get paid for skewed results.  It is hard to tell because we don't know WHO owns the web site and who performed the test.  They site doesn't include a name of a company or a postal mailing address and only provides a web form email for contact.  For a comparative test to be valid, we have to know all the parameters of the test and it must be repeatable.  Where on the web site does it state how the conclusions are made ?

One must not look at the data presented on its face.  One must look past that and look at all the information or lack thereof.

For example.  MBAM is lumped with anti virus applications and MBAM it is NOT an anti virus.


I am also curious as to why this URL was used...



when this one provides the same page


Using this variable..


What is the gclid parameter appended to my Google URLs?

"gclid - What is the gclid parameter appended to my Google URLs?

Gclid, short for Google Click Identifier, is a unique tracking parameter that Google uses to transfer information between your Google Ads account and your Google Analytics account.

A default feature of any Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) account is URL auto-tagging. When this is turned on, Google automatically appends a unique ?gclid tracking parameter to your destination URL whenever someone clicks on one of your ads. Essentially, this is a way for Google Ads to tell Analytics about all the minute details of a particular user session."


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I removed the live link in your post as the site directs users to download PUPs and Malware. This site looks to be peddling PUPs and Malware. The top three vendors listed are flagged as either PUP's (TotalAV) or Malware (Scanguard/PC Protect). On top of that, if I access the machine from a VM, the results are changed around, meaning the statistics they're showing are completely made up and false. While you are free to make your own opinion about Malwarebytes and whether or not to use our products, I would highly suggest using a more reputable source for your findings.

Here's the results from my primary machine  on the left compared to a virtual machine on the right. You can see the TotalAV (a classified PUP) is listed as #1 in both situations, but then the results change drastically. PC Protect changes position, as does ScanGuard (which is actually #6 in the computer on the right).


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It's just a spam/paid affiliate site.  This is pretty much how these fake/PUP anti-malware/antivirus products get pushed on unsuspecting users these days with false "tests", inaccurate and deceitful claims and false statements about the effectiveness of legitimate/reputable products.  All things being equal, there's no way that Avira (much less any of the other legitimate products listed) did worse than 3 fake/scam products on a real test.  It's the same fake, sponsor generated garbage that you'll find all over the web, especially if you search for the name of any of those "top" products it lists in its results.  You'll find a very suspicious similarity between this and many other pages, all of which are run by paid affiliates seeking to push those particular products in order to make profits for themselves.

Hopefully this site will be added to the Malwarebytes Web Protection database soon because any site pushing those products belongs there (and many of them already are) so that users will be protected from this trash.

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