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Scheduled Scanning - What Drives Scanned?

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Perhaps this is buried in the manual somewhere and I just missed it, but what drives are scanned by EndPoint Protection?  I do not see the ability to specify drives or drive types in the scheduled scan configuration.  I would think drive types would make more sense as an option though given the differences between machines and potential drive letters... but I'm not really looking for a feature at this point just an answer to the question of what drives are included in a scan. (either manual or scheduled)


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Hi @Kernel009, it's all related to the scan type. Default for Hyper scans is memory and registry objects only. Threats scan is the OS drive looks in all the most common areas malware is found. For full scans you can select Custom Scan type and use the option "Scan all local drives on endpoint" or use the scan path option to define specific ones. On-demand scans are always Threat scan types. If you are familiar with older versions of Anti-Malware; Hyper, Threat and Custom are the new versions of Flash, Quick and Full.

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