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Windows Update/Microsoft Update - Check for updates at least twice!

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Yesterday was Patch Tuesday, and as usual, I installed my patches and rebooted, but afterwards I checked for updates again and discovered yet another update that wasn't offered the first time around, so I installed it and restarted my system.  It turns out this update needed to be installed separately to avoid an issue where Windows might hang while installing updates so I'm glad they offered it on its own.  It also seems MS is moving towards making patches even more cumulative than they've already been, at least for Windows 7 to bring it more inline with how they combine updates for Windows 10 (something they've already been doing for many of the monthly patches, though not always for all previous updates so this will be a nice change for those that prefer installing fewer updates which I assume is most of us, though I don't like the idea that it also means they'll probably be combining those rather undesirable telemetry and Windows 10 upgrade compatibility updates if more of those are published in the future).

Anyway, the main point of this post is to remind everyone that you should always check for updates again after finishing the first round of update checks/installs/reboots and continue doing so until it says that no updates are available and that you should do this every month/every time you install updates because there could always be more patches available even after updating and restarting because MS does separate updates sometimes when they need to be installed after other particular updates or by themselves (the latter was the case with this particular patch).

Don't forget to update your Flash Player as well if you still use it.  You can refer to my guide on the subject located here.

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