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TCPSVCS.EXE, no wait it's different


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I think I really messed up with this one, I deleted yes deleted not quarantined both the files from my computer, only to find out minutes later that they were false positives and have no TCPSVCS in either my system 32 or my WOW64 folder I've tried everything, restore wouldn't fix it because for some reason that setting was disabled I've tried sfc /scannow but for some reason the hashkeys don't match for either the one on my computer OR the one in the store, my last hope is a bizzare set of circumstances that have allowed microsoft to roll back culminative updates.... My question is, how much less secure am I with TCPSVCS-less if that doesn't work?

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Attached are the files. Please extract them to the directories.



They are different so make sure you extract the labeled zip to the correct location.





After they are in place you may want to reboot. Also make sure MBAM is up to date so these arent re detected.

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Guys, can you please help me with this as well? I deleted the quarantined files, not even thinking they could be false positives since nothing like this has happened to my computer before. I think they are the same files the op was talking about, the extracted log from the scan report says: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\TCPSVCS.EXE, Trojan.PasswordStealer, C:\WINDOWS\SYSWOW64\TCPSVCS.EXE. I guess they are pretty pivotal parts for the functioning of the machine? I'm not a very tech savvy person, so I didn't know. My machines been working ok since the purge. Maybe a little slower when I have many processes/ updates working at the same time. Can you please tell me what I should do to make this right? I already Did the scannow -command, but it didn't manage to repair the corrupt files.

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