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Can anyone help please?

Quite often when I use MWB, I click on scan, wanting to do a FULL scan, it insists on undertaking a quick one. Sometimes the option to do the full scan appears so I click on 'Custom Scan' and select the drive, whereas on other occasions, it just says "Your scan is complete. No threats detected..." even though I haven't done a scan!  So, I go to dashboard, but then it only runs a quick scan (For some weird reason MWB seems to hide the very controls you most need, i.e., those to control the type of scanning you want (I've found this with other AV programs)

Can anyone PLEASE tell me how to find the options to do the type of scanning that I want to do (and not what MWB wants?)



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Most likely what's happening is that you have a scheduled scan, which is why sometimes you open the program and see the "No threats found" page. If you click the close button in the top right corner of the page, you should then be able to choose the Custom Scan that you're looking for.

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 9.53.13 AM.png

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The guides/FAQ do not help and I do not have scan scheduled.

As I say, how do I get to the option to carry out a full scan (And why is it so difficult to get to this? Surely the scan options should not only be the MAIN part, but included on a menu which is PROMINENT?).

Thanks, David


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Malwarebytes 3.x does not have a "Full Scan" option, but rather you need to go to Scan -> Custom Scan like oyu mentioned. Then you simply check the boxes next to the drives you want to scan and the scan options you want to use.

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