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Go figure, must be the gremlins :P

I'm glad it's resolved anyway, but whatever the cause, I hope they're able to track it down eventually because this definitely isn't the first time I've seen this issue reported (not specifically with this site, but the same behavior) so there is something going on here with some kind of cache or something causing it to continue to block unblocked sites and I don't think anyone has determined exactly why as of yet.

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I'm honestly not certain, but I can't see any other option that might fix it.  That said, it is possible that it would retain your whitelist, and either way, it seems clear at this point that something is wrong with your plugin installation so it may not be reliable/totally secure at this point anyway so I'd still recommend it even knowing the risk of loosing settings (and even if you remove/reinstall it, if the issue persists and it did retain your settings, then you may need to remove it again and wipe out its settings as well as they may be corrupted which could be what's causing the problem in the first place).

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It may be some odd routing issue, or perhaps because of where you're located or the ISP you're using (or if you use any kind of VPN etc.), maybe you're hitting a different server for the same site (assuming they might use multiple servers for site distribution which isn't terribly unusual these days I don't think).

Maybe a Wireshark log of you attempting to connect to the site with the plugin enabled and disabled would help to show what happens when it gets blocked and what happens when the connection goes through.

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At this point it is always being blocked.  Not sure why as it wasn't being blocked when I posted on Saturday.  The block seems to come and go.

  Two things about it being blocked.

1.  Why is it being blocked?  My guess is that it is a false positive.  This is a legitimate site which my insurance company (and many others) provide for us old folks.  Is it a false positive?  Will you be fixing this in the program somehow?

2.  Why is it being blocked even when I add it to the white list?  This seems like a bug.  What is the white list for if not to allow sites that are being blocked?


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I think the whole thing is a bug.  I don't believe that site was ever included in MB's block lists to begin with, so whatever is causing the block is likely the same issue causing inconsistent behavior with exclusions etc. which is why I wanted to see what you get with a Wireshark log.  It may show something odd in your system or internet connection to that site that may reveal what's going on and why this issue keeps happening.  Whatever it is, it definitely is not the expected behavior.

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I'm not sure.  It may show something like your IP address which could be considered personal so you can PM it directly to Rakesh if you prefer, or create a support ticket and submit it that way and they'll be able to get it.

As for capturing, be sure to launch the program as admin and also click on the start capture button (I think it looks like an arrow/play button near the top left if I recall correctly) and it should work, or advise you on what to do if it isn't working.  Also make sure that it is capturing from the connection you use for accessing the web if your system has multiple connections (i.e. wired vs wireless etc.).

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