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Can't update? Error732

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Like me, many uses are having trouble updating Malwarebytes' database and program. Every attempt gets you an error 732 message. All the posts and suggestions are of no use. Malwarebytes' technical support staff couldn't fix it either, even after many exchanges.

Here's what my problem was: Internet Explorer was set to use a proxy server. This was not done deliberately -- I must have hit the wrong button or key by accident at one time or another. You can fix this easily by going to Control Panel\Internet Properties\LAN Settings and uncheck the Use proxy server box. That did it for me. Good luck.


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Yes, that is often the cause, as well as IE being set to Work Offline. The solutions seem simple in hindsight, but when it's happening it can be a real bugger to track down. Thanks for posting your solution :) .

Yes, that is the "fix" for many of the malware that is happening now. First thing they do is set IE to be accessed by PROXY which is incorrect in most cases. Just changing this will fix the problem.

Then update Malwarebytes and run a full scan.

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