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Endpoints Randomly Not Scanning at Scheduled Times

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For the past three months I have been working with MBAM tech support on an issue concerning endpoints randomly deciding to not scan themselves as scheduled. What I mean by randomly is that every Saturday at 18:00:00 our servers are supposed to run a scheduled full-scan to catch any malicious programs/data, but some Saturdays various machines decide that they would rather not run their scans, even if they behaved well the prior week.

I am attaching a .txt file to this post that shows one such server acting randomly: on 9/22/2018, it ran its scan successfully with no problems; however, this past Saturday (9/29/2018), it decided that unlike the previous weekend, it did not want to cooperate.

I can see in the log file around 18:00:00 (the time the scan is supposed to execute) that on 9/22/2018 it stated "Client log file detected, number: 1", but on 9/29/2018 it logged "No files ready for processing in "{ClientCommandMonitor.RxCmdDir}"."

This detection seems to trigger the scan within the heartbeat interval, so what would explain WHY it runs some Saturday evenings but not others? HOW or WHY is it not present?

Any help or insight on this matter would be greatly appreciated - it has been a baffling problem to say the least. I really hope crowd-sourcing this issue might expedite its resolution.


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