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Malwarebytes Reinstall - license help needed

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long story

I just got a extortion email from someone who offered me proof that he had hacked my system by providing me an actual old password and asking for $2000 in bitcoin or he would send obscene pictures to everyone in my contacts.

I went to check my malwarebytes and to see if realtime was shut off and could not open the application.

I follow the instructions for a clean removal, then the reinstall launched after a boot but the license key was not reinstalled and now I am on the 14 day trial. 

I also had a problem loging into to this forum with what I thought was my id herb@herbschmoll.com but seemed to be sucessful changing it to hschmoll  which one is correct.

How do I get my license key

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i didn't realize it but when tried hschmoll as my account name it didn't connect me to my existing account which should be herb@herbschmoll.com it just created a brand new account.  Is there a place on my computer where the clean process recorded my account activation that i could use to activate this new application download.?

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I'm honestly not sure about whether it saves anything about your account or not, however if you contact Malwarebytes Support directly via the options found on this page they will be able to assist you with this as they have direct access to the licensing system and should have no trouble looking up your license key so that you may activate the software on your system again.

Also, while you're probably aware of this already, that email is a total scam and is most likely the result of a past breach of a site where you used that email address, however as long as you have changed your passwords you should be fine as we've found that typically any information these scammers have is very outdated (i.e. several years old) and they are just spamming out these messages to anyone they have any info on to try to get them to pay the extortion fee.  You can find a write-up on this and several other recent email scam campaigns in this article and a more detailed article on the subject here.

If there is anything else we might assist you with please let us know.


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