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MEP/Sophos conflict on Win10


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Hi, we're experiencing a problem on a new roll out of MEP on our Windows 10 clients.

We have Sophos Endpoint Advanced already on all clients, but after installing MEP we've run into an issue where the Windows 10 clients can no longer use any web browser. Edge/IE fail to load pages, Firefox fails to start, and Chrome may open an initial page or two but eventually stops working. If I uninstall MEP, and restart the client the problem is gone. Likewise, the problem doesn't occur in the Windows 7 or 8.1 machines. Is there a function in Sophos I can disable to mitigate this? I'd prefer to keep everything turned on in MEP, as I trust it more than Sophos.

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@ED3-PDale  Thank you for placing your trust in us.

If you are using additional security software alongside the Malwarebytes cloud platform, there are some recommended exclusions you should put in place. Please reference the article in the URL below for the recommended settings.

Network access requirements and firewall settings for Malwarebytes Cloud Platform

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See I'm the opposite I am a Sophos central endpoint advanced + intercept x user on my personal machine but have work machines running mep. I trust sophos a lot more than mep, sorry mwb but my faith was recently shaken in mep.  But also as the previous reply stated u will really need to carefully put exclusions in place on both products if ur determined to use both but I personally think it might cause each product to cripple the others protection. I've seen it before and have always stuck with one make of security product since. 



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We are having the same problem. We are running Windows 10 (1803) with both Sophos Endpoint Advanced
(escw_108_sa_sfx) and Malwarebytes 3.6.1 installed.

The issue is that both Sophos and Malwarebytes have Web Protection built into their applications.
When Web Protection is enabled in both applications you can no longer use any web browser.

Edge/IE fail to load pages, Firefox fails to start, and Chrome may open an initial page or two but e
ventually stops working.

You need to disable Web Protection in either Sophos or Malwarebtes. This problem only started in June
of this year, 2018. In Sophos, right click on its icon on right side of taskbar. Open window to configure
Sophos options and disable Web Protection. Hope this helps.

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