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Experiencing High Resource Usage

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Hey Kernel,

I am sorry to hear this is continuing to be an issue for you.

We did push an update to the modules discussed in this thread previously that should resolve the issues.

I wanted to confirm that we don't also have any other AV or security software on the machines installed in addition to Malwarebytes?

If so we should ensure the following are in place:


Let us know if there are any issues with these in place?


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  • Staff

Resource usage issues have cropped up over the product's life a few times, but not all causes have been the same thing, despite similar symptoms. One person's solution in this long standing thread may not be applicable to someone else's issue. For those of you reading this in the future, please keep this in mind.


@Kernel009, have a look at what starts on the machines. When a delay helps out with resource usage, it is most often due to competing protection software engines trying to load at similar times, or another program starting up that attracts the attention of one or more protection software real time engines into watching it. This sort of behavior can begin before log on, if that is the case, recording the event with a tool called Process Monitor, in a boot logging mode, can help provide visibility into what is happening at that time.

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OK, now we have a Win 10 Surface machine that is experiencing the problem.  Multiple attempts to boot and it locked at the login screen; we went into safe mode and changed the MWB services to Delayed Start, and it comes up every time so far without a problem.

We have a log from the Process Monitor from one of the Win 7 machines, but I'm not sure what I'm looking for.  I've attached in case someone wants to take a stab at it.


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