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Malwarebytes is blocking content in domains whitelisted.


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Malwarbytes is blocking content of domains whitelisted. I use Pearson Math  Lab for College Algebra, and Calculus. Malwarebytes reports to be blocking 5 of something (I don't see any option to find out what) on Pearson Math Lab.  I can't show a pic of the screen because it has too much personal info on it. I have both categories of the domain whitelisted. Here is the domain; openvellum.ecollege.com. You can see in the screen shot that I have it whitelisted in both categories. In other domains I have whitelisted Malwarbytes reports to be blocking 1 of something. I don't know why it would be blocking anything unless there is a hidden category that can't be whitelisted.


Michael Stidham

malwarebytes extension bug.jpg

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Now it reports to be blocking 7 of something on the same domain, and it's not enforcing it's whitelist policy on other domains also. 

Sorry, forgot my specs earlier. I'm using Windows 10 X64 Pro Version 1709, Firefox 62.0 64bit, and Malwarebytes plugin version 1.0.27. 

It just occurred to me that the problem could be a conflict with some other plugin I have installed. I did not have many until yesterday. I'm testing out a few to try to decide which ones I want to keep.

I also have Ublock Origin, Ghostery, WOT, ADGuard, and VTZilla installed. I will try disabling them to see if that helps. Hope I don't want to have to uninstall all of them because I will lose my whitlelist with them. I'm definitely keeping UBlock Origin and I have been using it for a long time so my whitelist is quite large with it.

Well, I have a thousand things to do today. Let me know what is required to debug Malwarebytes Extension. I have to step out for a while, but I will be back later this evening.



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