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Announcing Malwarebytes for Windows 3.6.1

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We have just started moments ago to propagate our Malwarebytes 3.6 Release

We are proud and happy to let you know a new version of our product is now being made available.

Performance/protective capability

  • Improved detection and remediation


  • Removed default monthly Scheduled Scan in Free mode 
  • Updated the installer to allow installation to standalone Business mode when certain conditions are met

 Stability/issues fixed

  • Fixed BSOD involving farflt.sys
  • Fixed issue with exclusion involving short filenames 
  • Addressed other miscellaneous defects

Thank you so much to our community!

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Component Update 3.6.1 v1.0.508 released

Greetings once again, moments ago we started propagating a new components package upgrade to our Windows 7 and later Users.

This release includes the following:

Performance/protective capability and Usability

  • Enhancements for the Web Protection module
  • Minor Improvements for the UI experience 
  • Continued improvements to overall protection, detection and remediation
  • Improved performance and stability

Stability/issues fixed

  • Addressed protection modules in general fail to start occasionally and under certain circumstances
  • Fixed "Valid QT Plugin Path..." error message occasionally found on isolated systems
  • Few more Accessibility Issues Fixed

As always, thank you so much to all of our Malwarebytes community.



The component package is delivered directly into the running application as it automatically propagates or as soon as our Users click on the "Install Application Updates" button on the Application Settings panel.

Full Installers carrying (pre-built with) this latest component package will be available through all our online links in the next couple of days.

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Component Update 3.6.1 v1.0.519 released for Website downloads only

Malwarebytes community, we have updated the version of the components package for our Windows 7 and later Website downloads only.

  • This new package addresses improvements to functionality for certain licensing operations.

Additionally, please be advised we're aware of a number of Windows 7 systems slowing down or freezing under certain circumstances, although we have significant resources fully committed to solve the problem as soon as possible in an upcoming release, this update is not intended to address this issue.



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Component Update 3.6.1 v1.0.527 released 

Greetings Malwarebytes community, we have recently promoted a new components package for our Windows 7 and later Users.

  • This new package addresses a reported freeze on Windows 7 computers that related to Web Protection on multiple core processor configurations.

Thank you so much for your efforts and support.

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