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Would I lose my windows updates? please help


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That will let you get Windows 10 to reset itself to the latest version and build.

So yes all latest updates.


If you carry on from there you will be given the choice to keep your existing files and installed programmes, or start again as if you had just bought that computer.

If you are not carefull you will lose all your files/photos/etc.

What is it you are trying to achieve?

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On the bright side, thanks to the way Microsoft now handles Windows Updates where they are cumulative packages released each month (making each release essentially like a service pack of sorts) where all previous updates available for your OS are rolled into it accordingly based on which updates you have and which updates you need when checking for updates, you shouldn't have a ton of updates to install even if you did have to start fresh.  It would likely be a few large downloads (probably anywhere from 1~5 or so depending on which separate MS software/components you have installed like MS Office etc.) to get you back to being fully up to date rather than needing to install every monthly update separately as it used to be in the past.

edit: More info on what I'm talking about can be found in this article.

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If Windows 10 is connected to the internet when you start the process it will also grab updates for Windows (tho there maybe a few more updates after the reinstall is done).

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