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HELP ! Laptop in Restoration Point Purgatory NOW


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Sept 18, 2018  9:20 pm  Central Time

Lenovo laptop 2014 vintage  , Windows 8.1, high end processor. 

Currently with MalwareBytes   Ver   Component pkg ver 1.0.322    Update pkg 1.0.6899

Almost 2 1/2 hours ago, I hit the GO button to begin the restoration process [referred from here as the process] to go a point about 3 weeks ago.  I did this because I recently noticed not having my firewall on, and have not been able to remedy it through Services.  I did not necessarily believe doing a Restoration would resolve this, but I would see what would happen.  I was advised on screen before starting the process to stop all active applications/processes, but I forgot to shut off MWB.  As the process was initializing, I suddenly remembered to do that, but of course one cannot stop the process.  However, I opened the MWB control panel to see if I could do that quickly.  But that was interrupted by the process. After an hour of the process, the process remained working.  I could not address it for another hour and a half after that, but when I could, I started searching for what to do.  I am still early in the search, but here is the first result I got which was a microsoft certified fellow from Jan 2013.....Please read his remarks and the few replies that were posted.  Apparently there were many who answered the question at the end of his remarks "Did this help you?"  in the affirmative. But reading the few who had replies at a later time posted ...it looked fatal !  So at this point, I don't know to go this route or not.  I am going to desperately look for answers and leave the computer running all night if I have to before doing something.

I am proud of the folks who post on this forum in reply to some of my past questions on malware with respect to how informative it has been for me !  I desperately need help now, and would appreciate any possible solutions especially if one has had experience directly or have experienced the testimony of others as to what worked. Even hints of what may be resources on the web that may help me I would be grateful.

I have been using google for just a short while with this query:  Windows 8.1 how to stop process of system restore ?

I have not gotten confident due to the lack of replies that seem not to relate to an ONGOING PROCESS as what to do to stop safely.  But again, I am early on for investigation.

Thank you for your understanding !  I will definitely post here after I HAVE done something to the computer.







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l did not include the link in my original post.....


This is the link to the microsoft certified tech who (in Jan2013) made a reply to an inquiry as to how to stop the process from running ....the restoring to an early point in time. There was only a posting of 19 who said it helped...just the number 19, not their posts. In addition, there were actually a few posted replys, and they were negative if not scary.    Please give me your opinion on it.  I am looking for any input of direct or indirect experience (a trusted source who has explained) that  could put me on a safe path to shut down and reboot to my saved contents on the computer.

I will keep search the web.  My computer is left running until I get some input ...some clue as to what to do to stop the running with hope of saving content.  (I hope the 19 count of persons who stated YES it was helpful info are happy with his method...that it actually kept their content.)

My computer   Lenovo     Intel Core i7 4510U CPU @ 2.00GHz 2.60GHz



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