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Something weird I have noticed

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Hey, me again. This time I actually have a problem that is baffling me. I'm writing this on my sister's laptop because I am too scared to go on my own laptop for various reasons. As you will see below,


that is what is concerning me. The time is currently 3am of 17/9/2018 and those are from the last hour and yesterday but I had many more. I thought nothing of it, maybe it was because I was on messages talking to friends and it was their messages that added on. I usually scan about 3-4 times a day because I'm on the free version. I logged on earlier and it was the second scan, which made no sense because I had just logged on, so I did another search and it said what you can see as the top one. Can anyone explain why it's doing this, it's been bouncing between 4618, 4617, 4616 and 4615. Also, when I did a scan, 21:58:34, it took over 3 mintues of nothing, no scanning, just blank, so I ended the scan and did another scan and it came out with the one above. This confuses me a lot and I'm not very tech smart.


Unsure if this will have anything to do with it, but, earlier that night, about 7pm for me, my firefox randomly froze and stopped responding. I was on wattpad, a reading site and I had left to get a drink, came back and I had the rainbow pinwheel so I checked my activity monitor and it said firefox not responding so I force quitted the application. I did a scan and nothing came up.


Also, anyone who understands mac process and their uses, what is AOSHeartbeat? I've recently noticed this in my activity monitor.


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Add on: for the past few weeks, whenever I log on, my CPU is spiked high, really high, I only ever took one screenshot, because user was 64.34% and idle was 4.90%. System was 31.78% and I had just logged in. Not sure if this has anything to do with it either.

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Sorry, but I'm not understanding at all what you perceive as a problem. The number of files scanned will usually vary, based on the number of files added to or removed from a watched directory (folder). Some are temporary files that number in the thousands per day that need to be used to perform a variety of functions. Others are files you downloaded and later deleted or moved from the download area. So unless I'm missing something, everything about those last two scans appear normal.

It does appear that the 21:58:34 scan appears to have been a freeze of some sort. Unusual, but not unheard of. Could have been a number of things. There may have been a "hang" diagnostic report logged, so the developer may ask to see that log, but not here. Lots of apps freeze at times, usually due to a temporary Internet connectivity issue, but unless it becomes a frequent occurrence, I wouldn't give it any more consideration. Same with your Firefox freeze. I get those with all my browsers occasionally. Sometimes it's a bug, others a DNS issue or just the Internet doing it's thing. It's never been found to be malware.

AOSHearbeat is an Apple System process that runs every 24 hours for a short period. AFAIK It's purpose has not been documented.


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