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Cloxer.A!cl - Now Malwarebytes is not able to work.

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Windows Defender found a virus. Which it removed and recommended a reboot, which I did. On reboot Malwarebytes did not load.

On trying to load the program manually it does not load.  Looking at what the malware references according to Windows Defender it looks as though it has already done damage. So I ask these questions.

1. How can I get Malwarebytes to work again?

2. Why couldn't Malwarebytes erase the problem itself?

The screenshot is from Windows Defender. Extra information on the Microsoft WD site does not seem to be helpful.

Thank you.


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This actually looks like a false positive on the part of Windows Defender as those .JSON files are just logs and settings files created and used by Malwarebytes, not executables that would be able to infect your system.  I do recall an issue like this several days ago, however it was resolved in an update of the definitions from Microsoft so it's possible that the detection occurred because of a similar scenario in your case.

As long as all the modules are functioning now you should be fine, but if the issue returns or you have any additional problems please let us know and we'll do our best to assist.


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Thank you for that - I was guessing it could be a false positive be cause of the location. But I was not ruling out an attack to try and disable anti-virus software in general.

I'm  hoping that by having MalwareBytes and Windows Defender operating I'm more than adequately protected.

For the record, I chose MalwareBytes over Bit Defender because when trying it out MalwareBytes seemed less intrusive for instalation, whereas Bit Defender wanted to change too many settings, and required logging in to operate, which for me  has privacy issues.

Thank you so much for your assistance.

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Yes, Malwarebytes has always been designed to work in tandem with other security products, including AVs like Windows Defender and definitely doesn't have a habit of altering many settings on a system outside of just what it needs in order to function for its various components and individual modules and certainly requires no logging in to any account for use.  In fact, the only feature even remotely similar to that in Malwarebytes would be the "My Account" feature which is actually just an online license device activation and management service for viewing your product licenses and managing the devices where those licenses are activated and is completely optional (it isn't even required to activate the software on your devices and is only there as an added optional convenience should you desire its functionality).

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