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Cant purchase the Malwarebytes app in Amazon

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I am unable to buy the premium Malwarerbytes android app in the Amazon app store.

I downloaded the Amazon appstore app and searched for "Malwarebytes". This returned zero results. I was unable to find Malwarebytes app with the official Amazon app. So I used the browser and went to amazon.com, found the Malwarebytes App downloaded and installed it. This is verrsion There is nowhere to purchase the premium app and there is no update from Amazon past this version. There is nowhere in the app to purchase a premium license.

I do not have Google Play, I do not want Google Play. I want to purchase the app from the Amazon store.

How can I purchase the app on Amazon? How can I get the same price as the Play Store? $11.99 annual subscription for one android  license?

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Hi @bugbytes,

Here's a link I found on Amazon to version Malwarebytes for Android on Amazon

You can purchase a multi platform key on our website to use on Android, but it's 39.99 annually: Malwarebytes Pricing

However, if you buy two licenses (maybe one for your PC and one for Android), it's only $10 more.

Unfortunately, if you want a single subscription for $11.99 annually on Android only, you must purchase via Google Play.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


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If you do not have Google Services on the phone, you can only install from the Amazon Store even though the Amazon Malwarebytes app urlversion  you Gave me shows The Amazon page I linked to is the same page.

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