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Please remove my website from IP Protection:

09:35:19 escapedturkey MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully

09:35:20 escapedturkey IP-BLOCK

09:35:21 escapedturkey IP-BLOCK

09:35:21 escapedturkey IP-BLOCK

09:35:24 escapedturkey IP-BLOCK

09:35:26 escapedturkey IP-BLOCK

09:35:27 escapedturkey IP-BLOCK

My website is clean: http://www.escapedturkey.com

If you need to contact the person that runs the web host machine, you can go here:


Or e-mail: webhosting@escapedturkey.com

Thank you very much. :(

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I'm not seeing a notice for this forum, can you post a screenshot please?

As far as compensation, no, we won't provide such. The issue is with Netelligent' providing housing to criminal gangs, as such, you'd need to contact them, along with your hosting company, for any compensation.

As mentioned, I strongly urge you to move your site to a new hosting company (i.e. a non Netelligent reseller).

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This is the first time that I'm hearing this, Netelligent's abuse department has been extremely responsive and I don't see as to why I should be punished for a bad apple between many hosted servers.

SoftLayer, ThePlanet, and any other big datacenter probably also has a number of bad IPs on their networks. But that's what abuse departments are for.

Thank you. ;)

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