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MB for iOS thinks I don't have a Premium Subscription


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An SMS Spam wasn't blocked so I checked by MB for iOS settings.
It says I need to upgrade to Premium except I have an active Premium subscription until next July.
I tried to activate the inactive features but it tells me there're already active but they aren't.
Any insight appreciated.
Oh it is the same on multiple devices eg. iPhone & iPad.


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I have a similar problem. I have Premium on my MacBook, and I just purchased Premium for my iPhone. I accidentally downloaded this subscription to the Mac. I finally was successful getting that second subscription off the Mac and put back in the code for the Mac. Ok mac’s  all good

i am trying to get the Premium I purchased onto my iPhone. Malwarebytes does not recognize that I have a Premium subscription. I tried to use the restore a previous purchase but when I click on it, nothing happens. I do have the license key for this purchase. How the heck can I get the 0Premium onto my phone?  It keeps saying I have the Free version and wants me to upgrade. Can anyone help me?  Thx. Sorry for the long post. 

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Premium subscriptions for iOS devices are only available from the App Store due to Apple rules on such things. Premium subscriptions purchased directly from Malwarebytes are only valid on Mac, Windows, Android and ChromeOS devices. FAQ concerning this explain all this: https://www.malwarebytes.com/pricing/?rec=premium#faqs.

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