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Hyperscan identified a Spotify .dll file as trojan.malpack


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So the hyperscan identified that .dll file as a trojan and quarantined it after a restart. Spotify stopped working saying that it couldnt find the file, so I thought it might be just a false positive, however when i try to restore the file MB says error: access denied, so i cannot restore it and upload it to virustotal. I think it might be a problem with spotify being installed through the god awful microsoft store and the folder being locked. Since i cannot confirm anything about the file i decided to do this post just to be certain about this. Has anyone else had problems with this.




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I just had two PCs come up with that same DLL libegl.dll except residing in the Google Chrome directory. I uploaded the file to VirusTotal which did not immediately detect it as a threat (latest scan was earlier today). I forced it to check again and the only one to say it is a virus is MalwareBytes. I believe this to be a false positive but I can't say for sure. TrendMicro also installed on the system does not detect it as one.

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2 minutes ago, weirdo said:

I also got a notification from MB where it said that libegl.dll is a MalPack trojan. I wonder what's going on, because I didn't download anything from untrustworthy sources.

Did it say where the file was located? I believe it shows in the quarantine tab.

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Got the same scan result. File was located in "\AppData\Roaming\Spotify".

Filename: libEGL.dll

Type of malware: Trojan.Malpack

Not sure if it's a FP (false positive), but let's hope so!


Oh and before i forget, is anyone elses MBAM opening up very slow? Before when opening from the taskbar, it was very quick, now it takes ages!

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3 minutes ago, thisisu said:

It's a false positive that is being fixed now.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Thanks for the quick response! Do you happen to know why MBAM has been slow on opening lately? Is it something your team is aware of or working on fixing? :)

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