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There are several possibilities here.

First take a look at a couple of documents to see if anything in them applies to your situation:

You may be running into some new variant that has not been revealed to the Malwarebytes signature staff. If that's the case, they will need to obtain some additional information from you which may be sensitive and best not shown here in a public forum. In such cases, it's best to Submit a ticket.

Sometimes such redirects are caused by javascript code on the web site you are visiting and not by anything on your Mac. Usually such code is contained in advertising on that site (called malvertising). If these redirects only occur when you visit specific sites, then that is almost certainly your issue. Malwarebytes for Mac will not protect you against such attacks and your only defense is the use of a good Adware Blocker. Malwarebytes has a couple of them in beta testing right now for Google Chrome and Firefox, but the Safari version is still in development. Currently available Safari Adblock extensions can be found here.

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