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Malwarebytes ignores adware completely

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Malwarebytes is simply telling you the names it has given to the many types of malware it is currently searching for. Obviously, it found none of those things and your Mac is truly clean as far as it's concerned.

Please show us the evidence that you actually have Adware on your Mac.

If you are simply seeing Adverts in your browser on sites you visit, that's also normal and Malwarebytes for Mac does not prevent those from showing up. It's also possible that you are seeing Adverts that will show you popups or redirect you to sites you aren't interested in. In such cases, that's being caused by javascript embedded in those Adverts and not due to anything installed on your Mac. There are a couple of extensions/add-ons for Google Chrome and Firefox in beta testing from Malwarebytes and one for Safari is being developed. Those, along with many other Adware Blockers will help with such issues that MBAM is not designed to protect against.

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