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Hey guys,

Opened an incognito window today and typed in a site only to be redirected to theappzworld page. I read online that this is malware. Did a scan and nothing came up in my system. I couldn't get my browser to do it again, so I'm assuming that maybe I typed the wrong address or something. Any ideas?

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It's entirely possible this could be due to what's called "typo-squatting." This is the practice of registering domain names very similar to legitimate site names, such as "bankofanerica[dot]com" (note the substitution of an 'n' for the 'm'). I don't know if this is actually a typo-squatted domain or not - it may be, so don't try to go there - and am just providing that as an example.

When you visit a typo-squatted domain, you may see a phishing page, or may be redirected elsewhere. If you try a second time and type it correctly, you won't see that behavior anymore.

It's also possible that this was due to advertising on the page you visited. Sometimes, bad ads can get into a site's advertising feed, and this can cause redirects, unwanted pop-ups or other problems. These problems can be hard to reproduce, since you'll probably get different ads the next time you visit.

Generally, if a problem like this is caused by adware installed on your computer, it will be reproducible. That's not the case 100% of the time, but it will still continue to happen frequently, if not 100% reliably. If you see that kind of behavior, and it's not specific to visiting a particular website, then you may have an adware problem.

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