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PUP and Malware Action Taken=Found


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In my last scheduled scan some malware and PUP items were found by Malwarebytes.  The result is 'found' though and not 'quarantined'.  They are listed in the 'Detections Cleaned' section of the dash board.

However I would like to verify that they have been cleaned or if there are additional steps needed.

Scan is set to 'treat detections as malware' for PUPs


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Rescanned both PCs.  The PUP was found again but this time the result was quarantine.  The Malware was not 'found' or reported.

Revisited the scheduled scan and found that 'Quarantine found threats automatically' was not checked.

Can this topic be deleted?



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Hi @heldveld, your question and discovery here is definitely worth keeping around for others that may encounter the same thing. I can hopefully add some clarity to what happened here.

The Policies > (your policy) > Settings > SCAN OPTIONS > Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), and Potentially Unwanted Modifications (PUMs), area defines the reaction properties of the scans (and the realtime engines) to PUPs and/or PUMS that you send to machines on-demand. These are the scan types you invoke manually from the Manage Endpoints area, when one or more endpoints are checked, and you select Actions > Scan + Report, or Scan + Quarantine.

The scans kicked off by the Schedules area has it's own options to define whether that particular scan will react to PUPs and/or PUMs, by having or not having, those options defined within the scan schedule you have created.

To break it down, these options are for telling Malwarebytes what it should look for, and the "Quarantine found threats automatically" in the schedule, and Scan + Report, or Scan + Quarantine for the on-demand, is giving Malwarebytes the instructions on what to do with what it finds.

Hope that clears it up!

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