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How does one unmask 'clever' malware which hides from view?


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Phil (Malwarebytes Support) said to me .........

Aug 27, 11:13 PDT 

Thank you for your feedback. To get definitive answers to your questions, it would be best to address them to the developers. The Developers and our Malware experts respond more frequently to the Malwarebytes Community Forums. If you would like to discuss how "Clever" malware can mask itself or if another software allows introduction of malware to your system, you can discuss it on our community forums.  

Is there malware which is virtually undiscoverable?  (especially if one deliberately invites same by downloading and installing 'rogue', un-tested, software on to one's machine!)

Please discuss.
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It should be strongly noted that Stuxnet was NOT in the Public and was not targeting the public.

This malware was designed for a specific purpose with a specific set of targets.  It was not designed by average coders or what are known as Script-Kiddies.  It was programmed by professionals with a goal in mind.

When thinking about Stuxnet evasion, one must put that is the perspective of its limited application, limited availability and exposure thus making it just a little more than a needle in the haystack.

Such malware is meant for a High Value Target and not for the general public at-large. 

Malware that does target general public at-large does not evade detection as long.

One must put malware evasion in that perspective.



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On 9/1/2018 at 8:25 PM, Davoud1945 said:

That was a rather special case, 'pondus', as has already been described by David H. Lipman.

Yes it was, and since it was programmed by the best and had a specific target that made it difficult to find ... and it was the one i could remember


Another interesting group are the ones that refuse to die   https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-44564709


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