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Temporary disabling Malwarebytes - Endpoint Protection (Cloud)


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Hi guys,

i´m a new user of the Cloud-Solution of Malwarebytes.
In the policy section, there are settings, to show the user a context menu, but i only see a scan option. I´m trying (with admin rights) to disable Malwarebytes for a view minutes.
Reason: i´m trying to install a software for our production-machines... 
Unfortunately i can´t stop the Malwarebytes-Services. I tried to create a new group with a new policy (disabled everything) and switched the Server into this group without any results. 

Maybe one of you can help me out with a solution

Thanks in advance

Swen :)

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I'd recommend using the Default Policy, this has all real-time protection disabled. If, however, you've modified that policy you can change the following to set it back.


For a temporary measure you could stop the following services to make sure it does not interfere: MBEndpointAgent, MBAMService

Afterwards you'll need to start the services in reverse order or simply restart the system.

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As @Kalrand mentioned, you can stop services for a short-term stop of the protection layers. This is probably the quickest approach assuming you are not trying a big deployment with this software. Alternatively, for a big deployment, to keep protection running, you can add an exclusion to the installer or simply move to a policy with everything turned off. 

As far as stopping services, if you don't see the names mentioned above, look for "Malwarebytes Service". You should be able to just stop that service as that's the "protection layer". 


Thank you

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